1.Yellow Curry with Crab

food style : Special Southern curry with crab, pickled asparagus, and young coconut.
taste : As the taste of southern recipe, spicy, sour and salty. Better serve with fresh vegetable.

2.Grilled Fish with Soy Sauce and Garlic (special)

food style : Grilled fish with special Japanese soy sauce and sprinkle on top with grill garlic.
taste : A bit sweet and salty, serve with seafood dipping sauce.

3.”Sa-Tor” with Prawn

food style : Southern Thai food, Sa-Tor fried with Ka-pi, chilli, and prawn.
taste : A bit sweet, salty and spicy.

4.Pork Rib with Vegetable

food style : Gristly spare ribs stewed with special recipe. Added with broccoli and carrot.
taste : Delicious, not spicy and a bit salty. Better serve with cooked rice and recomend for everyone.

5.Deep Fried duck with salt

food style : First steamed duck, then fried hot Soft outside frame Sprinkle a little salt. Is an appetizer It very good
taste : Crispy duck meat, tender, slightly salty

6.Spicy Papaya Salad with Salmon

food style : Restaurant's superb Som-Tum (Papaya Salad). Delicious and full-flavour of sliced Salmon(raw or cooked). Served with fried noodle as a side dish.
taste : Sour and spicy. Recomend as appertizer.

7.Crab in Coconut Cream with Mixed Vegetable

food style : Crab in coconut cream with minced prawn and pork.
taste : Sweet, sour and salty. Better serve with fresh vegetable especially white curcuma.

8.”Bai-Rieng” vegetable with Egg

food style : "Bai-Rieng" is local Southern vegetable, fried with eggs. Recommended Southern menu.
taste : A bit sweet, good for everyone.

9.River Prawn Red Thai Curry

food style : Traditional Thai food, prawn with red thai curry and coconut milk.
taste : Less spicy and better serve with cooked rice, recommend for foreigners.